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Parkour Gym

Safely learn how to move over obstacles, climb walls, and even flip in the bay area’s premiere parkour gym. Our 10,000 sq ft facility offers plenty of obstacles, bars, climbing holds, and space for anyone looking to explore the movement arts. Whether your into parkour, freerunning, tricking, breaking, capoeira, or climbing our parkour gym is for you.


We offer an ever growing number of programs that include tricking, breakdancing, freerunning, and parkour classes. All of our programs are open to all ages and skill levels. With our friendly environment and instruction from our certified instructors you’ll be sure to reach your goals efficiently and safely. Our program offerings constantly grow, be sure to check in for new classes!


We offer multiple membership options as well as class bundles to fit the needs of you and your family. We designed every membership option to be as affordable and flexible as possible. Please click on the link to view all of our membership options and feel free to contact us if you questions about potential discounts or special circumstances.

Try it Out!

Come out and try a class! There’s no obligation to sign up – just come and have fun! If you enjoyed your time, we hope to see you again.



We are San Jose, CA’s first Parkour Gym. Founded by passionate instructors and loving parents, we believe in providing San Jose parkour enthusiasts with the best possible facility, instruction and curriculum possible. We provide parkour classes for kids, teens, and adults of all abilities.



Our action packed parkour and freerunning classes will have you running, jumping, and climbing from day one.


Run, jump, climb, vault, and flow through your environment as creatively as you see fit. You’ll no longer be bound to straight lines and right angles; instead, allow your new found parkour skills to redirect your energy into creatively expressing yourself.


Get fit through play! Break the routine of static exercises, distance limits and time restrictions for fun, practical, and functional movement that you can use outside of the gym. Parkour training encourages play, creativity, and self expression while giving you all of the fitness benefits you desire. Lose weight, get cardio, build strength, gain flexibility, and much more while having fun!


We’re proud to be outliers. We love seeing the world differently, and enjoy the freedom of movement parkour permits. Our accepting atmosphere, encouraging instructors, and supportive membership will openly welcome you and invite you into the community




We offer safe, fun, and encouraging parkour classes designed to teach parkour through games, drills, and obstacle courses. Our parkour classes are challenging, engaging, and most importantly fun with an emphasis on teaching safe parkour techniques. Learn parkour with certified instructors while having fun and reaching your fitness goals!

Check out our video and see our parkour classes in action!


My 6 year old son has been going here for a little over a month, and we are very happy with BAM. They work well with all ages. So happy that we found them, he looks forward to his classes. Encouraging instructors. Highly recommended!

Christine C.

I came to this place to do some Parkour moves and I totally had a blast, even though I had no idea what the heck I was doing! The instructors were so encouraging and had their families in attendance. Definitely a fun way to workout. The business is up and coming but I totally wish this place all of the success!

Kassie P.

This is the most awesome place to learn parkour and freerunning! The Instructors are awesome, they make the class fun and a very positive environment! I've been training with them for about 3 months and they certainly feel like family 🙂

Justin G.